Pastor Ken Chong

Pastor Ken Chong was born and raised in Ipoh, Malaysia, about 5 hours north of the capital, Kuala Lumpur. As a result of a family members' salvation, Ken, along with most of the rest of his family came to faith in Christ when he was 8 years old. Though he knew the Lord as his Savior, he did not really begin serving Him in earnest until he was 16 years old. Moved by the Spirit of God, and challenged by the youth pastor at his Full Gospel Assembly Church (the Malaysian equivalent of the Assemblies of God) he began to grow in his faith, and worked with the young people in His church until he was 19. Ken describes it as an exciting time with signs, miracles and prophecies being performed and fulfilled in people's lives. After graduating secondary school, Ken left for college in Kuala Lumpur, and now being removed from his church family lost his zeal for the things of God. He describes it, “I wasn't very excited about the Lord anymore. I had lost my first Love.” When Ken turned 22 the doors opened for him to be able to continue his education in the United States, so he left home, and began attending the University of Kansas. He continued to be a “nominal Christian,” (his words) through the years in Kansas and when he moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to begin his career. But God had other plans for Ken, leading to a career change which brought him to Houston in 2006. Ken heard about an affirming Spirit Filled church online and went to check it out. He felt the same spirit of God that he felt in his childhood and as a teenager growing up in Malaysia. God was bringing him back home and began a restoring work in him. The prodigal son had returned. It was not long before he found himself plugged into the life of the church, and serving on the worship team by playing piano, keyboard and organ for 6 years. In the Spring of 2012, the Lord began preparing Ken for the next season in His walk with God and impressed upon his heart to become involved with the new work which became Gateway of Hope Church. In addition to his responsibility over the worship ministry, Pastor Ken is also a member of the board of directors, and works in our discipleship ministry. Pastor Ken and his partner Wallace have been together for 4 years and live in the Galleria area. Gateway is truly blessed to have Ken (and of course Wallace also) as part of our family.

"This is an exciting time, as I begin to hear His voice again and become obedient to His Word in serving Him. God has shown Gateway of Hope Church that He is mighty to save and that He is pouring out His tremendous blessings and grace upon His church. Just when you think you had enough, He will pour out more. Come with an expectant heart that hungers for Him and you will be blessed.”"
-- Pastor Ken

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