Pastor Chris Morris

Pastor Chris Morris was born in Nederland,TX and came to know the Lord at young age. Having been born into a family that had several generations to already know Christ, as their Lord and Savior, it was not an uncommon thing to hear the name of Jesus, or talk about the power of prayer at family gatherings. At the age of 16, while at a youth camp in Sulphur, LA Chris received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit with the initial evidence of speaking in tongues, a language that he had never learned before. This experience revolutionized Chris into a calling that had been prophesied over him since he was a child. Having seen the hand of God upon his life, he knew that God, was a God of the miraculous! Chris knew though, that his same sex attraction, which he had had since childhood, would not be accepted by his mainstream church and ministry. Having seen many hurt by the church, told this was a choice they were making or that they needed deliverance from an evil spirit, Chris began to fast and pray. He would spend hours in the altar, and sought out specialized deliverance ministries. Each time the Lord would meet him so beautifully, but no 'spirit of homosexuality' was ever to come out. In desperation, in 2007 Chris went on a 30 day fast, thinking he would get his final deliverance from same-sex attraction. Chris was not prepared for the events that followed . During this time. both in prayer and in study of the Word, God began to show him that the scriptures that are referred to as the 'clobber scriptures' were actually taken out of context and after having this academically verified, multiple times, a way was made for Chris to attend an affirming Pentecostal Conference by Reconciling Pentecostal International in Dallas that was happening the next weekend. It was at this conference that Chris' journey to the the reconciliation of his faith and sexuality began. The same Holy Ghost that Chris always knew, fell in that place with a mighty outpouring of God's Presence. Divine connections were made and within weeks of the conference, Chris was blessed to become a part of a Spirit-Filled, affirming work in Houston, Through Him Fellowship, where he was ordained and served as Associate Pastor for 2 years. Chris was also blessed to have an ordination through,The Global Alliance of Affirming Apostolic Pentecostals (GAAAP) where he served as Treasurer one term and as the Prayer Ministry Leader another term. Having been led by the Lord, Pastor Chris now serves at Gateway of Hope Church.

""Listen dear friend, you may have not cried your last tear, but what you can count on, is that you have a God in Heaven, who is counting every one of those precious drops, that have fallen from your face. I declare that this is your new season, for discovering the 'abundant life' that has been promised to us, In The Mighty Name of Jesus, Amen!""
-- Pastor Chris

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