Our Pastors

    Pastor Sven Verbeet

    Senior Pastor Sven VerbeetPastor Sven was born in Kaiserslautern, Germany, an industrial town about 50 miles west of Frankfurt, and close to the border with France. After his mother met an American army soldier stationed at Ramstein, they relocated the family to Pasadena, Texas in 1981.

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    Pastor Ken Chong

    Worship Pastor Ken ChongPastor Ken Chong was born and raised in Ipoh, Malaysia, about 5 hours north of the capital, Kuala Lumpur. As a result of a family members' salvation, Ken, along with most of the rest of his family came to faith in Christ when he was 8 years old.

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    Pastor Chris Morris

    Prayer Pastor Chris MorrisPastor Chris Morris was born in Nederland,TX and came to know the Lord at young age. Having been born into a family that had several generations to already know Christ, as their Lord and Savior, it was not an uncommon thing to hear the name of Jesus, or talk about the power of prayer at family gatherings.

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