GoH OutReach Ministry History


The outreach ministry program was initially started in January 2019, as a way to bless the Houston area homeless community one meal at a time. During the very first Gateway of Hope Outreach Ministry, we were only able to provide a small blessing of a hot plate of food to 12 homeless individuals. Since then, our numbers have increased little by little each month. Our ministry attempts to aide as many individuals as we can. Now, through hard work, dedication and Godly provisions in January 2021 approximately 168 hot meals and cold bottles of water were distributed to the homeless community. At GOH, we are committed to connecting REAL people to a REAL God in a REAL way. In doing so and as a part of our outreach ministry we are dedicated to helping individuals and families whose lives are indigent and battered with hunger, thirst, homelessness and an array of environmental struggles. The needs we have witnessed firsthand are horrifying. To say it is heart breaking is an understatement. Many have no shoes and are walking around barefooted with dirt and open sores on their feet. We have witnessed persons in wheelchairs laying on the streets so weak and tired they lack strength to even help themselves into their chair or the medicines to treat the enormous swelling in their legs and feet. In biblical scriptures, Jesus teaches us that we are to love our neighbor as ourselves. We believe that scripture means and is inclusive of ALL our neighbors and not just those that are beside us.