• OUR MISSION Gateway of Hope Church exists to connect real people to a real God in a real way.

  • OUR VISION This is what our church looks like when we are fulfilling our purpose:

    We connect ourselves and others to God through Spirit-filled living in an authentic community that reaches Up to God, Out to the World, and Around One Another.

    OUR CORE VALUES This is a list of fundamental teachings that are the basis for developing Christian life and community at Gateway:

    Up to God…

    Life-giving Worship: Connecting daily to God in a personal way through Bible reading, conversation (prayer), singing, and giving of our resources. 

    Life-long Bible Learning: Pursuing a deeper understanding of God’s character and His will through daily study of the scripture, weekly sermons, and on-going Bible classes.

    Out to the World…

    Life-style Evangelism: Connecting our faith to our relationships, inviting friends to church, serving others, and always welcoming guests to our church.

    Life-sacrificing Missions: Giving of our church and personal resources to participate in or support others in carrying the Gospel message to unreached people groups around the world.

    Around One Another…

    Life-serving Ministry: Finding out how God made us as individuals and applying that to working in ministry areas. Life-sharing Relationships: Connecting to others in our church by gathering regularly to share life experiences and meet each others' needs.

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